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Antisocial Distancing

Beginning this morning, Spouse is working from home. Till further notice. In our tiny, teeny, ~600 square-foot dollhouse of an apartment.

We have a bedroom just big enough for a bed, a wardrobe and a dresser (so long as the bed is pushed into a corner and Spouse is willing to clamber over me to get in and out of it).
We have a kitchen just big enough for a small (5 feet high) refrigerator, a sink, an oven range, two small counters, and two shelving units (necessary because there are no upper cupboards).
We have a bathroom just big enough for a sink, a toilet crammed under an eave, and a shower smaller than a phone booth (link for those who don't remember phone booths). 
The only room of any size is our living room, which is full to bursting and has: a sofatwo ottomansa televisionshelvingmy desk and chair and computer(s)Spouse's desk and chair and computer(s)three cats, one of whom is hiding behind the media server So yes, clearly, all the living is done in this room, and I do n…
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E-Irritations: A Magical Update

Well, here's a curious thing.

Per the plan in my previous post, I sent a letter requesting resolution of the missed-fifteen-hundred-dollar-electric-incentive to the car dealership, via certified mail. I included a demand notice, since my argument is they are in breach of contract.

Again per the plan, I emailed a copy of the letter and demand notice to the manufacturer's customer help address.

I received a response from the manufacturer the same day, essentially telling me that I need to resolve my issue with the dealership, as the manufacturer isn't responsible. I expected this, and responded politely that I was notifying them as a courtesy, in case the dealership had failed other customers as well. No response. Nothing from corporate or the dealership for a week.

Yesterday, I received the signed certified-mail receipts, proving delivery of my letter and the demand notice.

Today, I got both a call and an email from the manufacturer, asking me to contact them.

I have no idea…


When we purchased an electric vehicle, one of the factors we considered was government incentives. In addition to the federal tax credit, our local government also offers an incentive; while smaller than the federal, it's still a significant amount of money for us. Significant enough that, depending on income and expenses, it could impact our tax filings.

So, last month I reached out to the dealership to find out what calendar year the incentive is considered part of, and what paperwork we might require.
[Light fuse.]
After repeated emails and a phone conversation, I learned the following: 1. The paperwork for the incentive must be submitted within a month of purchase. 2. The dealer did not submit the paperwork. 
I am not angry. I am not livid. I am beyond angry and well past livid, frankly damn gobsmacked and nigh on incandescent. 
The government's web site for the incentive clearly states, "Your dealer will complete and submit your ... application [for the incentive] at …

Just, Oh Carp

Mama always said, if you can't blog something positive don't blog anything at all. So, yeah. No job offers, damn few interviews, no tenant for house, no income from me, etc. etc. So no blog. A bit not good.

At this point, I'm not even paying good attention to the numbers because I Cannot Make Them Better. I mean, hooray for savings, it's the only reason we're not homeless, but I rather wanted to use them in a non-emergency fashion.

Had an interview this week for a job I don't want but will probably take if offered, because money. Dear Lord, if You had to make me, why couldn't You have made me a trust fund kid? I'm bad at life and bad at money and I really question Your judgement, bud.

Thus endeth my not-entirely-sober and entirely heretical rant.

Numbers, Numbly

It's been a tough summer. [originally written for September posting]

CreditorInterest RateOwedAmazon Store26.49%-339.40Chase Visa26.49%0.00JetBlue21.99%-19.42Chase Amazon Prime18.99%0.00Barnes and Noble16.24%0.00Chase Slate13.74%-50.58Chase Freedom12.74%-67.28CU Signature Visa 210.99%-130.34Bank A Signature Visa11.15%0.00HELOC8.50%-86,431.68CU Signature Visa 18.40%-827.49Car loan2.90%-41,302.90Bank A Balance Transfer0.00%-2,003.76BankAmericard Platinum0.00%0.00BestBuy0.00%0.00Citi Diamond Preferred0.00%0.00CreditFirst (Firestone)0.00%0.00Lowe's0.00%-142.05Total CC Debt-3,580.32All Debt-131,314.90

The Internet Saved Me

The internet saved me.

I'm chronically disorganized, distracted, and shy. I stumbled through years of missteps and crises large and small due to these deficits, before the internet was born and grew up. Online tools helped me work around them. Let me count the ways, or at least scrape the surface:

1. Online bill pay -- dear lords, the bills I would lose in the old snail-mail days. Even after opening, reading, writing the check, putting it all in an envelope, stamping it and setting it near the house keys to mail as soon as there were funds to cover it... it could still go astray. And be forgotten. And therefore late, with the usual tail effects of fees and diminished credit rating. Now I can schedule the payment weeks before it's needed, and that bill is simply taken care of.  Thank you, internet. Thank you.

2. Online task management -- a to-do list isn't remotely useful when you've misplaced it. But a virtual to-do list is always there. Sure, I used Word and Notepad …

Numbers and a warm fuzzy

We make the progress. Slowly.

CreditorInterest RateOwedAmazon Store26.49%-556.24Chase Visa26.49%0.00JetBlue22.24%-95.92Chase Amazon Prime18.99%0.00Barnes and Noble16.24%0.86Chase Slate13.74%-75.00Chase Freedom18.99%0.00CU Signature Visa 211.24%-429.15Bank A Signature Visa11.15%0.00HELOC8.50%-86,631.68CU Signature Visa 18.40%-827.49Car loan2.90%-42,720.98Bank A Balance Transfer0.00%-3,746.58BankAmericard Platinum0.00%0.00BestBuy0.00%0.00Citi Diamond Preferred0.00%0.00CreditFirst (Firestone)0.00%0.00Lowe's0.00%-526.05Total CC Debt-6,255.17All Debt-135,738.20

The Great Job Search is off to an unsteady start... still, it's a start, right?

Had lunch this week with a friend I haven't seen in months. She's been plagued with money problems since I've known her, partly the result of unwise decisions made from ignorance and emotional need. She told me she'd been working with a financial advisor, setting a budget, planning for retirement, looking into incorporating her fre…